Sweeten up your side with sweet potato fries

Sweet Potato FriesGetting a side of fries with your sandwich is practically an American tradition these days. The two go together like beans and rice, bread and butter, or Kobe and Phil.

Obviously, we give you options at Huckleberry’s when it comes to side dishes. Some soup, slaw, or salads are among those options. But with the aforementioned winning combos, you can’t lose with our Wedge Cut Fries!

You’ve had plenty of regular fries in your lifetime though, and in all different kinds of shapes and forms. And while you certainly can’t go wrong with our regular fries, it’s a safe bet that you wouldn’t regret giving a try to our sweet potato fries!

The cost to upgrade is small, but the venture into a new flavor is worth much more than what you could probably easily find in the sofa. Not to mention, that difference in taste might be the perfect compliment to one of our oven-fired sandwiches that you never knew you were missing before. And if you’ve never tried sweet potato fries before, there’s no reason to keep missing out. They’re a little bit different, but pack a whole lot of awesome into each bite!

Give our sweet potato fries a try today!