Napkins? We don’t need no stinking napkins!

Paper TowelAlright, don’t let the headline be mistaken for any hostility toward napkins. Napkins are great, and when it comes to some Southern-style cooking, chances are you’re going to need them, or at least something similar to them.

That same Southern-style cooking is bound to get your hands dirty some way or another, and when that happens, one or two napkins usually won’t cut it. A juicy burger or rack of ribs is going to make a delicious mess that is likely to require quite a bit of finger licking, followed by a final clean up job that is a tall task on its own.

At Huckleberry’s, we’re not about to leave you hanging when it comes to getting your hands clean again. And since a napkin or two sometimes doesn’t do the job, we set you up with an entire roll of paper towels at your table.

You’ll see this strategy quite a bit down in Cajun country, and with how much else they’ve gotten right, it only makes sense for us to bring this aspect to our restaurants as well. It’s only responsible of us to give you the proper means to clean up whatever tasty leftovers are still on your hands when your meal is done!