Half a sandwich, a whole side, and a drink to wash it all down

Ciabatta bread sandwichSometimes you’ve only got so much room in your stomach to spare at lunchtime.

Whether it’s because you’re still sitting pretty from a big breakfast, or if you’ve snacked away any massive hunger throughout your morning, there will come some times when you are looking for a bit of a light lunch rather than another huge meal.

So for when those days come around, we’ve got the perfect thing for you at Huckleberry’s with Huck’s 1/2 Sandwich deal.

With it, you’ll get half of any one of our oven-fired sandwiches. Accompanying that will be your choice in side dish, only it’ll be the full version of the side. No cutting those in half. And then to top it all off, we add in a regular beverage of your choosing as well.

The end result is a bit of a lighter lunch option that will cost you less, as well as get you a beverage with the deal. With such an excellent lineup of sandwiches on the menu, there’s nothing to fret about if you’re only getting half of one. And if you sit down and suddenly decide against keeping that lunch light, don’t feel ashamed to go nuts and order the whole thing!