Get an early upper-hand on Monday with a great breakfast

MondaysMondays are tough.

It seems like just a short time after you were celebrating the completion of the previous week of work, you’ve got to start it all over again. Especially this time of year too when summertime adventures are plentiful, there’s a good chance you’re taking some exhaustion from the weekend into your Monday as well.

So while there’s no way to make the weekend seem any less farther away throughout the struggles of a Monday, you can still do plenty to make Monday feel a little bit more enjoyable. And what better place to start than right at breakfast?

There are plenty of options to choose from, suitable for pretty much any preference. For many, the best means of battling a Monday is with a couple juicy strips of bacon. Others, it’s a stack of flapjacks that do the trick.

While the perils of another full week are looming, treat yourself to whatever breakfast at Huckleberry’s that sounds best. If nothing else, it should give you some positive energy to take into the rest of the week.

Come on in and make this Monday your own to start your week off right!