Cool off with Huck’s 2 Scoop Rootbeer Float

Root Beer FloatSummertime means a whole lot of things. For many people, it means plenty of sunshine and adventures in the outdoors. With such nice weather and so much greenery in bloom, the possibilities are endless!

But as great as the weather is outside, sometimes you just need to come on in for a break from the heat and nice, cool beverage to top things off. And when you come to Huck’s, you can count on something great with Huck’s 2 Scoop Rootbeer Float!

This beast of a beverage comes to you served in a mason jar, so you already know it means business. Fill it up with some rootbeer and top it off with two hearty scoops of ice cream, and it’ll make you forget all about that scorching heat outside. And once your body has cooled itself down enough, treat yourself to a nice warm meal to really round it an epic day!

Come on in and try Huck’s 2 Scoop Rootbeer Float, ASAP!