A benchmark figure for finding adventure

Huck FinnWe’ve talked plenty about starting up your day with a great breakfast before heading out on your summer adventures. And with the weekend upon us, so come the best of those adventures!

This weekend, take your adventures to a whole new level with the simple thought of the very figure after which our restaurant is named. Ask yourself, “What would Huck do?”

Huckleberry Finn is a legend of literature for his adventure seeking attitude. With the warm weather and summer weekends upon us, that attitude might demand you stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone, but if you didn’t do that, it wouldn’t really be an adventure, would it? You don’t have to go from mild-mannered to a maniac of the outdoors, but if you push yourself even a little bit to seek a new thrill, you’d likely do Huck proud.

And like we’ve said so many times, you’d best start off your weekend adventures with a great breakfast to fuel the day! We’ve got a ton of great options on our menu at Huckleberry’s to get you going strong from the start. Plus, if you’re tapping into your inner Huck Finn, it’s only fitting to start off the day at the restaurant named for him.

Make this weekend one to remember!