Waffles versus pancakes shaping into an epic battle

Waffle tetrisWe’ve talked before about waffles and pancakes and what can make each one of them great. There are so many different things that can be done with each of them that you can never go wrong in starting your day with either of these!

But the possibilities might have gone from being “many” to being “limitless”. And while we might keep things relatively simple at Huckleberry’s to make your breakfast with us worthwhile every day, the creativity that can be found on the internet is an absolute sight to see!

Over at, some folks with an excellent eye out for spotting bold and wacky food creations have pitted pancakes and waffles against one another in an epic battle of culinary creativity that you absolutely have to see. While each creation might not look overly appetizing, you’ve got to hand it to people for the ideas that pop into their heads and the motivation to go and bring those ideas to life!

And if this all makes you hungry for something to eat, come right on in to Huck’s and we’ll do what we do best for you!

Here’s the showdown: