A fascinating piece of flapjacks’ history

PancakesWhen it comes to some good flapjacks, you probably would assume that such an entrée has only been around for a century or two, right?

Turns out that might not be entirely true. Flapjacks might actually be one of the oldest prepared foods around according to our research on the origin of flapjacks. Take a look…

Did the Cavemen Have Waffles?

Probably not, although they did have something similar to what we consider pancakes (or hotcakes, or flapjacks).

The Neolithic society was the first society ever to use agriculture as its main source of food. They’d cultivate, and then harvest, a number of wild plants. Historical evidence shows that Neolithic man made a crude version of a hotcake from harvested grains. They cooked these grain cakes on heated stones and flipped them over to heat both sides evenly.

During the Iron Age, men developed metal tools and iron plates on which to cook the griddle cakes. These made the cooking of the cakes much easier. Eventually, someone came up with the idea of cooking the cakes on both sides at once by placing it between heated plates, similar to how waffles are made today.