Get the most out of your French toast

Stuffed French ToastFrench toast is an awesome start to any day. It’s delicious, filling, goes great with most anything, and did we mention delicious?

Aside from just slathering your French toast in butter and maple syrup, there are other diverse options to go with that will give French toast a whole new spin on your breakfast. And one of our favorites of those options is to stuff that French toast with cream cheese and fruit topping.

That’s what you’ll get with our Stuffed French Toast at Huckleberry’s. Even with our regular French toast, dipped in our sweet egg batter and grilled to golden perfection, you can expect some awesome flavor. Stuff in the cream cheese and fruit topping, and you’ve got a main entrĂ©e that will start the day for you taste buds on an awesome journey of fruit flavor.

Set out on that epic journey of flavor on your next trip into Huckleberry’s and give our Stuffed French Toast a try!