Fish N’ Chips done Southern Style

Fish and ChipsFish N’ Chips… A favorite among coastal areas where fish can make it quickly from the oceans to our plates. Not to mention, if you can catch it in water, it’s probably going to be utilized to make for some excellent Cajun cuisine.

We probably don’t need to remind you, but at Huck’s, we love making use of a great catch just like they do down South. And that’s why one of Huck’s Favorites that you can find on our menu is our Southern Style Fish N’ Chips!

This dynamite dish begins with strips of only the best catfish around. Then we dip them in our sweet buttermilk batter before rolling them in seasoned cornmeal. Then we deep fry them to golden perfection, just the same way they know how to do back down in Cajun country. Then to round it all out, we’ll serve it up with some wedge-cut potatoes and your choice of a side dish!

Once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll know full-well why it’s one of Huck’s Favorites. So come on in and give our Southern Style Fish N’ Chips a try for lunch the next time you visit us at Huckleberry’s!