Ain’t nothing like an original

WafflesWhen something is done well, you can sure bet that there are going to be other versions of it. Those changes might be great in some ways, but still, nothing beats the original.

The same can be said about our waffles at Huckleberry’s. There are lot of different ways you can enjoy our Big Flaky Waffles, whether it’s with different fruits and toppings on top, you’ve got variety. But there’s just nothing quite like the original!

It’s so good you can find it right at the top-left corner of our breakfast menu, so you know it’s a great place to start. It’s our famous “butter crisp” Belgian waffle that goes great with so many things. But there’s no shame, only joy to be had in keeping it simple and dousing that glorious golden breakfast entrée in maple syrup to get your day started.

Sure, you can change it up and try our waffles with all the different fruits we’ve got to offer and we’re sure you’ll love those too. But really, does anything beat the original?