Reasons why we love pancakes!

PancakesPancakes are one of those rare food items that have somewhat of a mystique about them. When it comes to breakfast foods, they’re almost always the first things that comes to mind. And on top of that, they’re essentially an exclusive breakfast food. How many other entrees can claim that?

It’s undeniable that a nice stack of flapjacks can make any breakfast better. And at Huckleberry’s, you can get those and plenty more. Who doesn’t love some California Cooking with a little Southern Flair, right?

So in honor of an entrée as legendary as flapjacks, we wanted to share a list of seven reasons why people love pancakes, courtesy of the good people over at! Item No. 6 might seem a little bit out there, but we’re not going to hold such a notion against them, nor will will judge anyone wanting pancakes for lunch when you visit Huckleberry’s!


1. Sweet

When you hear pancakes you think of desert, chocolate, cream, maple syrup… Although they can be sweet or savory, in our mind their are always associated with something sweet and divine.

2. Quick

They are easy and quick to prepare.

Making pancakes with pancake mix is a joke. Get your pancake pan preheated and your first pancake is ready in less then 3 minutes. Hot and delicious snack in less than 3 minutes!!! Sounds great, right? If you are not pancake mix lover and you like to make your batter from scratch it will take a little longer, but still not as long as making a real cake.


It`s really easy to come up with great pancake recipe. All you need is basic pancake ingredients and little imagination. Peek into your fridge and you will find inspiration. There are only few things that you cant mix into pancake recipe, and rules are simple „Do not mix things that have nothing to do with common sense“. Remember that and you are safe.

4. Creative

You can really let your creativity go wild with pancakes and become a pancake star.

All sort of forms and shapes can make pancakes become birthday cakes, part snacks, pancake bags, pizzas, cakes, volcanoes… It`s never boring in pancake land.

5. Tradition

When I think of pancakes I think of my mother, my grandmother, family gatherings and I am overwhelmed with memories. Most families have pancake tradition when. It can be Sunday breakfast, Monday dinner or Christmas breakfast , tradition is what counts.

6. Every day- All day

You can eat pancakes for ever occasion. Pancakes for breakfast, Side dish for lunch. Pancake barbecue, pancake hamburgers, sweet pancakes for dinner, pancake snacks, Christmas morning pancakes, pancakes every day-all day. Why? Simple! Because we simple adore pancakes!


7. Pancake day

Pancake day is delicious day when we calibrate pancakes, and fat Tuesday is just right name for that day. Common people, we have day dedicated to the Pancakes!!! You gotta love it!