Not Your Average Banana


If you’re looking for a new take on the classic banana for breakfast we’ve got a treat for you.  Our Banana Foster is a substantial upgrade in the flavor department over the every day banana.

When you order the Banana Foster you’re getting sliced bananas and pecans in a warm caramel sauce.  The bananas are always fresh cut and on their own would make for a great tasting snack, but then you factor in the pecans and the amazing caramel sauce, it’s a flavorful masterpiece that you can only find at Huckleberry’s.

Now we know what you’re thinking how could a Banana Foster be any better than what we’re describing, well did we mention that it’s all served on one our delicious Big Flaky Waffles?  Yeah that’s right our Banana Foster is served on one of our big flaky signature waffles.

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