Ham & Eggs

ham & eggs

Ham & Eggs go together seamlessly.  They’re a staple of the american diet and for good reason.  Ham is delicious and eggs are delicious.  Both ham and eggs can be a meal all on their own, but when they team up it creates an amazing combination.

At Huck’s we know the value of a good food combination, but we don’t just want it to be good.  We want our food combinations to be great.  That’s why we didn’t just stop at ham & eggs.  We have brought in these traditional favorites and added them to a sandwich, to make a true heavy hitter when it comes to lunch.

Our Ham & Egg Sandwich is on our Favorites Menu for a reason.  There isn’t a better sandwich around because when we put together thin sliced ham, fried egg, fresh tomato and jack cheese it’s a masterpiece!

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