Time For Our Little Hotties


Some people prefer to have their breakfast all wrapped up in a nice little package.

Sometimes that package comes as simple as a hot iron skillet, loaded with a hearty mixture of meat, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and more. That’s why at Huckleberry’s, we’ve got our selection of what we call Little Hotties.

There are three fantastic options to choose from, each able to satisfy any mood. And with each of them you’ll get three scrambled eggs, country reds, and a choice of toast, biscuits, or flapjacks.

Breakfast meats, marinated tri-tip, or even a slew of different vegetables are among your options. And they’ll be served sizzling hot right in front of you in the skillet where they were cooked!

Give a try to one of our Little Hotties for your next breakfast with us at Huck’s!

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