Chicken is the Answer

Chicken Breast

A mammoth burger is always a great option for pretty much any meal. Big, meaty, topped with sauces and vegetables… sounds pretty much perfect.

But what about those days when you feel like something meaty topped with excellence between a bun, but not with beef as the go-to meat in there? We’ve got a solution for that at Huckleberry’s.

With any one of our Bourbon Street Burgers, you can substitute a seasoned chicken breast for the beef patty for only a dollar more. Whether you’re just feeling like chicken that day, or if you’re wanting to try how each burger’s toppings compliment a chicken breast instead of beef, we’ve got you covered.

Picture it as if the entire burger section of our menu were double its current size, because you can surely plan on two different experiences between a 1/3rd lb. beef patty and a seasoned chicken breast! Try your favorite of our Bourbon Street Burgers with a whole new twist on your next visit with us at Huckleberry’s!

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