Try Soup in a Bread Bowl

Bread Bowl

Soup is one of those “can’t go wrong” kind of choices. At Huckleberry’s, we don’t want you just feeling like you didn’t do wrong though. We want you leaving thinking you absolutely nailed it with your order. So when it comes to soups, we feel good about what we’ve got available to you. It might not be all kinds of diverse, but a good soup doesn’t have to be that. A good soup can be something nice and simple, and getting a whole lot better when it’s paired with another full entrée.

But there’s one thing out there which undoubtedly makes any bowl of soup better: a bread bowl!

At Huck’s, you can get any one of our delicious soups served in Cap’n Jack’s Bread Bowl, a delight of toasted sourdough bread that will make any soup or chili a whole lot better. On top of adding the delicious flavor of the bowl into the mix, you’re also putting more food in front of you. If you came in looking for just a light meal, but still wanting to feel at least a little bit full, this should be one of those “can’t go wrong” kind of choices for you!

Give Cap’n Jack’s Bread Bowl a try today with whichever soup or chili of ours sounds the best when you come visit us!

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