Blue Bayou Burger

Blue Bayou Burger

When it comes to lunch or dinner, people often look at a burger as a safe choice, and really in many ways, it is. You can get a burger at a lot of places.

Finding a burger like this one is another story though. At Huckleberry’s, we take our burgers seriously, and the Blue Bayou Burger is all business!

We start of with a 1/3 lb. ground sirloin beef patty between a premium hamburger bun. That beef is basted with our bold, bourbon barbeque sauce, topped off with bleu cheese crumbles. Top it off with some onion tanglers, and you’ve got a thing of beauty in the works. Then, like all of our burgers, you can expect lettuce, tomato, and pickles to accompany the glory that is between the bun. And rounding it all out is your choice of side dish, as if the burger wasn’t already going to be a handful to fit in your stomach.

While some might consider a burger as a safe choice, we think this one is like hitting the jackpot! And if there’s ever a safe bet that’ll hit the jackpot, you’ll be happy with that result 100 percent of the time!

Give the Bleu Bayou Burger a try!

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