Waffle Worship


Do you remember when donuts first made their debut onto the dessert stage? From basic glazed donuts to chocolate cake donuts frosted with sprinkles, donuts had so many reasons for their popularity.

After donuts came the cupcakes. The simple birthday party treat-turned-dessert blockbuster has had quite a long run. There are cupcake shops sprinkled throughout nearly every mall and free-standing cupcake stores in nearly every town. Cupcakes possess myriad flavors of cake and frosting; and there are even TV shows dedicated solely to the simplistic treat. While we love cupcakes, we’re ready for a new foodie fad.

Enter: Waffles. Originally a breakfast delicacy, waffles are now considered a delicious delicacy any time of day. You’ve probably seen waffles pop up on Pinterest, Instagram, and even in food trucks in your neighborhood: all of them boasting the part-crispy/part-gooey treat. You can jump on the waffle bandwagon any time, and not just at a waffle food truck: Try chicken sandwiched between two waffles, smother your waffle in butter and blueberries, or whip up some cream and Nutella to top off your sweet, crispy treat.

While waffles may be the latest dessert craze, at Huck’s, they’ll always be a breakfast staple. So, come on in, get ‘em while they’re hot!

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