Bacon vs. sausage. A never ending debate

Bacon vs sausageThe mere mention of bacon is enough to water the taste buds of most people out there. Couple that with its ease in cooking and its expanded role as a topping on things such as burgers and salads, and it is quite the diverse side dish.

Sausage has quite a bit of diversity of its own though. There are countless uses of encased meats out there in the world, some of which have even gotten pretty exotic. But even in its most basic form, breakfast sausage is a massively delightful side dish in its own right. And if you couple sausage with bacon on the same plate, chances are you’ve got a happy customer!

But still, bacon and sausage have their differences. While both are undoubtedly delightful, we find it intriguing to see how passionately some people feel about their preferred breakfast meat.

Bacon and Sausage – two quintessential breakfast meats that have won the hearts of millions.  But which one is superior?  Let’s duke it out!

Bacon is a classic.  It can be eaten in it’s infamous strips or you can crumble it and add it to otherwise bland foods such as salad or soup.  Bacon makes a BLT and who woulda thunk 3 little letters could taste so good?  And how can you make a cheeseburger sound more delicious?  Make it is a bacon cheeseburger!

Bacon cooks quickly and comes in healthier turkey and/or low sodium varieties.

Sausage is another classic.  It comes in a decidedly wider range of shapes than bacon: links or varying widths or patties.  The patties can be a crucial part of a breakfast sandwich.  The links can be sliced up and added to soups or sauteed with peppers and onions for an out-of-this-world sandwich.

Sausage comes in a amazing range of flavors because you can stuff a sausage with pretty much anything from cheese to onions to spices.  Like bacon, they also come in the healthier varieties of turkey and chicken sausage.

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