Cup of Joe


You may call it a ‘Cup of Joe,’ your special ‘brew,’ your ‘morning java,’ your ‘caffeine infusion,’ or something else. But no matter what you call your coffee, you like it—your way. Whether it’s your morning ritual or mid-morning ‘pick-me-up,’ we’ve got just what you want.

Here at Huck’s, we want you to have your morning coffee—or tea—just the way you want it. We invite you, with rich Southern hospitality, to come enjoy your ‘Cuppa’ anyway you’d like. Just come on in, make yourself comfortable, and let us know how we can serve it up for you.

Come enjoy your brew with a hot skillet of eggs, hash browns, and a mix of meats or vegetables. We’ll serve up your breakfast with your choice of toast, biscuits, or flapjacks—whatever you’d like. So come on into Huck’s, alongside our Southern hospitality, we’ll serve you a delicious, hot breakfast and your ‘morning jolt.’

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