Ragin’ Cajun Omelet

Cajun Omelet

At Huckleberry’s, we love bringing you some good ole’ fashioned California cooking with a little Cajun flair. If walking in our doors feels like a little bit of an escape from your normal dining experience, then we must be doing something right! So it only makes sense for our food to give you a try of something above in the same way that our décor gets a little bold.

While you might not think an omelet is going to add some kick to your taste buds to start any day, one bite into The Cajun omelet at Huck’s might change your mind real quick!

Highlighting it all are our Cajun hot links to add some meat to the equation. Like always, a great compliment to any meat is the addition of onions and bell pepper. Then some cheddar cheese gives another injection of flavor before we top it all off with our Creole sauce. And of course, you’ll have some country reds alongside the omelet as well. Rounding it all out will be your choice of toast, biscuits, flapjacks, or Huck’s Berry Muffin!

Take a little taste of Cajun country with this omelet as big as the Old Mississippi on your next visit to Huckleberry’s!

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