Try Our Breakfast Ham

Ham steakSometimes when you’re getting your day started, you find yourself wanting a little bit of everything for breakfast. The bacon, the country reds, the biscuits and gravy; it all sounds amazing.

With everything on the menu, not all of it can be found on the same menu item. But when whatever entrée you choose is in need of a little supplemental boost, there are always some great items you can add on as side dishes. And when it comes to rounding everything out, a slab of ham is about as great a way of capping off any plate in an epic way.

At Huckleberry’s, you can add a slab of ham to the mix for just a few bucks. And on top of that, you’ll get a better breakfast, some more variety on your plate, and the awesome flavor that ham always brings to the table. It all sounds pretty spectacular, right?

There are plenty of other things you can add on as sides, we felt like recommending the ham today. Give it a try!

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