Mason Jar Madness


Your grandma used to bottle fresh peaches in them. Your mom probably had a stash of mismatched ones. If you’ve ever perused Pinterest, been to a party or wedding, or shopped a home goods store in the past few years, you’ve seen them: Mason Jars. While they used to serve a specific purpose, today, they can serve anything.

From wedding planners to DIYers, people are using Mason Jars in creative ways. No longer are Mason Jars just for canning, bottling, and storing fruit, vegetables, sauces and soups. Today, Mason Jars are sold in various colors, online, and in big-box retailers; and they can be used for just about anything! Use Mason Jars as a pen holder, next to a guest book or wedding registry. Send flowers to your potential dating prospects in a Mason Jar. Fill a Mason Jar to art supplies or home décor. Serve a personal-sized mousse or cupcake in a small Mason Jar. Paint a Mason Jar and drop a tealight in it to give off a luminous glow. Just think of the endless possibilities!

At Huck’s, we choose to use Mason Jars to serve up our most scrumptious beverages, including our homemade Huckleberry Lemonade and almost-famous Strawberry Lemonade. If you’re in the mood for something a little more daring, but equally as delectable, order up one of our hometown favorites–Huck’s Swamp Tea. Our raspberry iced tea is kissed with sweet huckleberries and served ice cold in—you guessed it—a Mason Jar.

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