Lunch ‘n’ Munch


Although Huckleberry’s is a fine dining experience for breakfast people, if you’re in a bind for lunch, don’t write off Huck’s!  Lunch starts daily at 10:30 am for all you early risers and is open all afternoon to satisfy your appetite.

If you have a hankering for a big meal at lunchtime, come in for a Bourbon Street burger that captures the essence of Louisiana with a mouthful of juicy sirloin and your choice of toppings.  Or, try out a famous oven-fired sandwich, baked to warm, melty perfection.

For a smaller lunchtime craving, come in for a salad or hearty soup.  These entrees also catch Bayou flavor in every bite.

Whether you’re meeting up with friends or flying solo for a quick lunch break, stop by Huckleberry’s for your choice of Louisiana lunch.

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