Eating breakfast will make you happier

Happy breakfastThe health benefits of breakfast are well-known to most people.

It’s no secret that when you wake up, your body has gone a long time without any new energy pumped into it. And when the chaos of starting a work day is staring you straight in the face, the last thing you want to have piling on to you is hunger.

But what about just overall happiness? It seems like common sense that if your body is fueled for the day, you’re going to feel better and feel happier!

Yet still, some people don’t make enough time in their mornings for breakfast, which seems crazy to us knowing what kind of Southern hospitality and delicious meals you can get at Huckleberry’s. Sure, it might take a little more time to sit down for breakfast with us than you might spend by eating something small on the go, but the comfort and full stomach that you’ll get from us should be enough to give you a great jump start for even the most hectic of work days.

In honor of the importance of breakfast, we wanted to share this short piece from a few years back found on, authored by a fellow breakfast lover Alyse Wieland. Have a look…

We’re all familiar with the picture perfect morning with mom, dad and kids sitting around enjoying a hearty breakfast. That picture, I’m afraid, has been pushed aside and is a thing of the past.

Breakfast may still be enjoyed around a table by some, but it is usually interrupted by our daily lives, i.e. traffic jams, homework and a parking situation that would embarrass any university.

Personally, I eat breakfast everyday. Whether it is an apple, toast or cereal, I always have time to put something in my tummy before I face the harsh world. Breakfast for me is quiet time. I may have to wake up a few minutes early, but breakfast has to happen.

Most know the benefits of breakfast, but if not, I’ll get you in the know. According to the Nutrition Care Division of the Martin Army Hospital, “If you skip breakfast, blood sugars drop, fatigue, poor concentration, irritability and lethargy result.” Who wants to deal with that along with all your other problems?

Breakfast is meant to jump start your metabolism. After eight or so hours of sleep (like that ever happens), your body is in fasting mode. Breakfast quite literally breaks that fasting to get you going. So forget that diet, just eat a good breakfast. 

Most people I know aren’t fans of the morning ritual, but the results may mean more than a slimmer you. Breakfast can increase concentration, which can increase grades, which may make you happier.

So breakfast equals happiness. Why would we want to make that a thing of the past?