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Anything-But-Boring Banana Foster

Monday, November 16th, 2015

banana foster

Banana Foster is your favorite fruity dessert topped with a brown sugar and cinnamon sauce often cooked as a flambe dish, but did you know its very origin is our favorite place, New Orleans, Louisiana?

It was created by a man named Paul Blange in the 50s at his New Orleans establishment, Brennan’s Restaurant.  Named after his close friend, this dish has surely stood the test of time as one of the South’s favorite sweet treats.

Drowning in banana liqueur and caramelly goodness, Huck’s banana foster is the perfect taste of the South you need after your main dish.

Huck & Tom’s Tastebud Adventures

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

tom and huck

Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were always up for an exciting journey. Whether on the Phelp’s farm, or taking the “duke” and “king” along for a journey on their raft, Huck and Tom were always up for an adventure.

At Huckleberry’s we offer an array of adventures for any taste. If you’re used to a traditional egg, bacon, and hashbrown breakfast, try a different type of morning wake-up call for your tastebuds: Southern Comfort Quiche. Our fresh eggs are blended with cream, then added to three cheeses, red bell peppers, green onions and Andouille sausage. The quiche is then baked, topped with sour cream, and served with homestyle country reds that wake you up and lead your tastes on an amazing journey.  (more…)