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Chocolate Milk: Not just for kids

Friday, April 29th, 2016

chocolate milk

You may make you think twice about what you should drink, especially after a hard workout. Besides water and sports drinks, what else is there? Well, new research suggests that chocolate milk might just be the best beverage of choice. Yes, that sweet, rich chocolate flavor you’ve loved since you were a kid can actually help you have more energy.

While water can certainly replenish you, and can definitely be a refreshment after an active day outdoors, chocolate milk can help fuel your muscles. It has more protein than sports drinks and less sugar. That means, chocolate milk can help keep you hydrated, while boosting your energy.

 Next time you finish up a jog, a bike ride, or even playing with your kids, think of refueling with a tall glass of chocolate milk. Or, next time you stop in at Huck’s, order one up for you, and one for the kids. Who knows…it may just help you gain enough energy to get out and play with them some more.

Huck’s Littlest Friends

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

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Even our littlest adventurers need to take a break from exploring the banks of the river and sit down to eat. At Huck’s, we have a menu for these little ones—something they’ll enjoy nearly as much as their next adventure!

At any time of day, kids under the age of 10 can enjoy anything from our kids menu, a menu made just for them. For breakfast, your little one can choose from menu items like Swamp Turtle Cakes, 2 flapjacks decorated with chocolate & caramel sauce; Waffles and Fruit served with butter and syrup; or Huck’s Kids Combo, your choice of flapjacks, French toast or country red taters, served with two slices of bacon or sausage and an egg. And for lunch, for less than five bucks, your kids can choose any of their favorites—from hamburgers to chicken strips or grilled cheese or pizza sticks.

So next time you’re in between adventures with your little one, come check out our  menu exclusively for Huck’s littlest friends!