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A waffle worthy of our name

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Blueberry WafflesNo restaurant is going to slap its name on any old entrée without it being something excellent.

So when it comes to The Huckleberry waffle, you know we mean business with it! Like all our big flaky waffles, we start off with a crisp Belgian style waffle cooked to golden perfection. Then on top, we smother that waffle with a delicious blend of huckleberries and blueberries.

For those who prefer their waffles topped with fruit instead of syrup, this will undoubtedly be an absolute delight. And even for those who prefer syrup, this just might change your mind on that for good. And as is the case with all our waffles, you can add two eggs along with a choice of smoked bacon, sausage links, or ham to your entrée for only a bit more.

Give this entrée worthy of our restaurant’s name a try today!

Waffle Worship

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


Do you remember when donuts first made their debut onto the dessert stage? From basic glazed donuts to chocolate cake donuts frosted with sprinkles, donuts had so many reasons for their popularity.

After donuts came the cupcakes. The simple birthday party treat-turned-dessert blockbuster has had quite a long run. There are cupcake shops sprinkled throughout nearly every mall and free-standing cupcake stores in nearly every town. Cupcakes possess myriad flavors of cake and frosting; and there are even TV shows dedicated solely to the simplistic treat. While we love cupcakes, we’re ready for a new foodie fad.

Enter: Waffles. Originally a breakfast delicacy, waffles are now considered a delicious delicacy any time of day. You’ve probably seen waffles pop up on Pinterest, Instagram, and even in food trucks in your neighborhood: all of them boasting the part-crispy/part-gooey treat. You can jump on the waffle bandwagon any time, and not just at a waffle food truck: Try chicken sandwiched between two waffles, smother your waffle in butter and blueberries, or whip up some cream and Nutella to top off your sweet, crispy treat.

While waffles may be the latest dessert craze, at Huck’s, they’ll always be a breakfast staple. So, come on in, get ‘em while they’re hot!

Not Your Average Banana

Monday, April 4th, 2016


If you’re looking for a new take on the classic banana for breakfast we’ve got a treat for you.  Our Banana Foster is a substantial upgrade in the flavor department over the every day banana.

When you order the Banana Foster you’re getting sliced bananas and pecans in a warm caramel sauce.  The bananas are always fresh cut and on their own would make for a great tasting snack, but then you factor in the pecans and the amazing caramel sauce, it’s a flavorful masterpiece that you can only find at Huckleberry’s. (more…)

Huck’s Littlest Friends

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Huckleberrys Logo

Even our littlest adventurers need to take a break from exploring the banks of the river and sit down to eat. At Huck’s, we have a menu for these little ones—something they’ll enjoy nearly as much as their next adventure!

At any time of day, kids under the age of 10 can enjoy anything from our kids menu, a menu made just for them. For breakfast, your little one can choose from menu items like Swamp Turtle Cakes, 2 flapjacks decorated with chocolate & caramel sauce; Waffles and Fruit served with butter and syrup; or Huck’s Kids Combo, your choice of flapjacks, French toast or country red taters, served with two slices of bacon or sausage and an egg. And for lunch, for less than five bucks, your kids can choose any of their favorites—from hamburgers to chicken strips or grilled cheese or pizza sticks.

So next time you’re in between adventures with your little one, come check out our  menu exclusively for Huck’s littlest friends!